City Council Meetings

General Overview

The City Council strives to conduct the business of the City in an efficient and effective manner that ensures that the public interest is served to the best of their ability. Furthermore, the Council is committed to open, transparent and cooperative processes as it carries out the functions of the Council.

Council Agendas

Tentative Agendas of Council meetings are produced for each Council Meeting. Agendas and Council Meeting Packets for Council meetings are normally made available to the public on Friday afternoon prior to each meeting and posted on the City's web site. Council-Agenda600x290

A copy of the Agenda and Council Meeting Packet may be reviewed at the Barry-Lawrence Counties Regional Library: Aurora Branch located at 202 S. Jefferson Ave. in Aurora.

Public Comment

The Aurora City Council is committed to public discourse that is respectful, civil and courteous as it conducts City business.  This is the expectation of Council Members as well as the public that participates in Council Meetings and the process of governance.   The City Council values the input and participation of the public regarding issues within the community, or on specific items that come before the City Council for consideration. 

The City of Aurora has established a period of public comment in each City Council Meeting; the following general guidelines are established for that period of public comment:

"A citizen desiring to speak on an item not on the agenda may do so at this time.  Each citizen is limited to three minutes and the Council will not take action or discuss items at this time.  Discussion should be limited to matters of City business and public comment is not permitted in regard to personnel matters or on pending legal matters, Items introduced under “public Comment” may become agenda items at a later date."

The City Council also allows for public comments when the Council is discussing specific items that are on the agenda subject. 

The Council adheres to the following general guidelines regarding public comments:

  • Anyone wishing to comment on an issue, or during the public comment period, must sign up on the sign-up sheet
  • Please allow the Mayor to recognize you before speaking
  • All comments should be directed to the City Council, not toward City Staff, or members of the public.
  • When addressing the Council, please make your comments from the podium using the microphone and not from the audience
  • All comments shall be respectful, courteous and civil
  • Profanity of any kind is unacceptable
  • Personal attacks or accusations are inappropriate and are unacceptable

Placing an Item on the Council Agenda

If a citizen has a specific topic that they would like the City Council to discuss at a future meeting will have to complete the Request for Future Agenda Item form. The item will be reviewed and possibly scheduled for a future meetinMeeting Minutesg or forwarded to City staff for appropriate action.

Council Meeting Minutes

Draft Council meeting minutes will be made available to the public within ten days from the meeting and will be available online.