Parks & Recreation

The City of Aurora Park System

The Aurora park system consists of six existing park properties that occupy approximately 207 acres of land providing 28+ acres per 1,000 people (the 2020 census indicated 7,432 people within the city limits). Refer to the Park Locations and Trails maps in the Park Master Plan for park locations.

The parks are:
Oak Park
Crosby Park
White Park
Baldwin Park
South Tot Park
North Tot Park

There is more detail provided on the web pages for each Park.  To find out more about each park, please refer to those pages.

Park Master Plan

The City of Aurora requested a Comprehensive Park Plan, in conjunction with the City’s overall comprehensive plan developed by Southwest Missouri Council of Governments (SMCOG).

Additionally, the City request an ADA inventory of the existing parks, as well as a park master plan for both White Park and Baldwin Park. The Comprehensive Park Plan incorporates the needs of the general public as well as local recreational groups. It also includes a 5-Year plan with probable construction costs.

In the fall of 2021, meetings were held with the Aurora City Council, Aurora Park Board and City staff and stakeholders from the community. From that meeting a list of goals and priorities were established for the parks as well as a five year vision.  

The parks are in various stages of development and provide both passive and active recreation opportunities. As depicted on the maps that are included in the Park Master Plan, there are existing and proposed trails within the community, located primarily within the riparian corridors, and to provide pedestrian connections between parks and schools. The future routing will utilize a combination of on-street bike routes and paved shared used paths. Currently 2.25+ miles of paved shared use paths have been developed, 0.55+ miles are planned, and 2+ miles are proposed for the future plus on-street bike routes.

To review the Park Comprehensive Plan, click the following link: City of Aurora Park Master Plan - 2022

Park Board

Review information from the Park Board such as past agendas and minutes.