City Attorney

Responsibilities & Services

The City of Aurora City Attorney is an appointed position by City Council members for a contractual term. The City Attorney provides various legal advices, largely civil, for City Council, the City Manager and City Officials. By statute and case law, the City Attorney provides written and verbal legal opinions on a wide variety of municipal legal matters. The City Attorney may draft and/or review resolutions, ordinances, contracts, pleadings, bonds, and other legal documents to protect the City's interests as it conducts business. The City Attorney provides advice to the City's various commissions and committees and addresses tax, assessment, labor, collections, public works projects and contracts, and damage to City property questions and issues.

The City Attorney also defends the City and its Officers if sued and the City Attorney would be responsible for the preparation and litigation of lawsuits on the City's behalf. The City Attorney cannot advise members of the general public or City Staff concerning private legal matters or any legal issue that does not pertain to nor which cannot be affected by common council action. Though some activities of the City Attorney directly affect the public, most involve advice to the governing body and administration who represent and serve the City of Aurora. As the City Attorney is counsel for the City as a governing body, the City Attorney cannot represent or advise the general public of ordinances and laws of the City of Aurora or State of Missouri.

If the general public has any questions or concerns regarding City of Aurora ordinances, it is recommended to contact an attorney. If a member of the general public has any questions or concerns regarding the development of ordinances, they may contact the City Manager or a member of City Council.

View the Aurora City Code.