Missouri Sunshine Law

sunshinelaw-1024x535Open Meetings Laws and Open Records Laws

Every state has laws that affirm the public’s right to see government documents, that dictates that all public bodies conduct business in a public fashion and affirms the right of citizens to observe public governmental bodies as they conduct public business.  Each state has its own rules, but generally open records and open meetings acts applies to all government agencies.  Open records and open meetings acts also cover any part of an organization that spends or is supported in whole or in part by public funds.  In Missouri these laws are known as the “Sunshine Laws”, Chapter 610, Governmental Bodies and Records of the Missouri RSMo.

The State of Missouri’s Sunshine Law addresses the public’s right to be informed about the activities of public bodies, as well as guaranteeing public access to government meetings, records, votes, action, and deliberations of public governmental bodies.

The City of Aurora is fully committed to abiding to the spirit and the letter of the Sunshine Law.  Furthermore, the City of Aurora actively encourages all elected officials, staff and other applicable parties to be informed of this law, abide by these laws, hold each other accountable regarding the Sunshine Law and work to ensure openness and transparency in all public business as allowed by the Sunshine Law.

Custodian of Records

Each public governmental body is required to have a custodian of records who is responsible for responding to public records requests. In order for individuals to have access to public records, each public governmental body is required to make their custodian’s name and contact information available upon request.

For the City of Aurora, the City Clerk is the custodian of records for the City.  To submit request for records contact the City Clerk.

You can also find out more by visiting the City Clerk’s web page.


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The Attorney General’s Office for the State of Missouri oversees Sunshine Laws and ensures that all public bodies and members of those bodies, maintain compliance with the Sunshine Law.